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Top 5 Winter Hiking Outfits by onepiece

Top 5 Winter Hiking Outfits

We at Onepiece have something for everyone. As much as we love sitting at home in a cozy jumpsuit, we also love taking them on wild adventures. Check out our top 5 styles to wear if you love the outdoors:

1. The Aztec Jumpsuit

A customer favorite, the Aztec jumpsuit is the perfect style to wear if you love hiking. It’s light enough to keep you comfy without dying from heat exhaustion. Available in two colors, with multiple pockets to keep your hands warm!



2. The Alpine Jumpsuit


The Alpine is much more than just a festive style. It is proudly part of our Alps collection, often worn by skiiers and mountain climbers alike.





3. The Checkered Fleece Jumpsuit


Perfect for a cozy bonfire at the top of the mountains, the checkered fleece jumpsuit has been a longtime favourite. Available in two colours with pockets to keep your hands warm, throw this on with a pair of boots and you’re all set!




4. The Mother Earth Jumpsuit


This jumpsuit is for all nature lovers out there. A knitted jumpsuit featuring beautiful geometric patterns, we want to honor Mother Earth with the respect she deserves.




5. The Vegan Shearling Jumpsuit


Thick, cozy and 100% vegan - the Vegan Shearling Jumpsuit is our warmest style, designed to make a statement.



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