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The Big Onepiece Aprés Ski Party

The Big Onepiece Aprés Ski Party

Winter is here and we wouldn’t be Onepiece if we didn’t celebrate with one of our legendary aprés ski parties!


And so it happened, we invited lots of friends, fans and you might even spot a few familiar faces at our chalet party in December. Apart from the COVID19 guidelines, there was just one rule: No jumpsuit - No entry! Here’s a little peak into the annual Onepiece aprés party!


What would a real Aprés Ski party be without an Ice Luge? @guodasinke proves her skills and drinks up.

Not everyone makes it onto the good list, the naughty ones among us were of course discovered by the Grinch himself and just like Father Christmas he came with a full sack of miniature Baileys!

Sun, sea and sand are what they’re used to - unfortunately we couldn’t offer a villa to the lovely Love Islanders, but we could offer cozy jumpsuits, as seen on @hugo_hammond_.

Want to see more party pics? Swipe through our slideshow and discover our latest styles!



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